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Rate Increase January 1st 2024

Starting January 1st, 2024, there will be an increase in our monthly wash rates for our Janesville customers. Our Beloit and Dane County customers have already made the transition to the new monthly rates. As a company we decided to wait until the beginning of the year for our Janesville locations. The individual wash rates will not be adjusting. This increase is just on the monthly wash options. 

The rate increases are as follows.

Deluxe Plan rate was $19.99+tax    The new Rate $24.99+tax

Elite Plan rate was $29.99+tax    The new rate $34.99+tax

What do you have to do?

  • Nothing, our computer system will automatically update your rates for your monthly plan on your re-charge (anniversary date)

Why are the rates increasing?

  • We have maintained the lowest price point for the monthly wash club members for several years to ensure cost savings for our customer. Even with the increase it still provides our customers with the ability to wash more and save. If you are washing 2/3 times a month you are still at the same price point for saving money while allowing us to adjust for rising cost across every industry.

I am not happy with the decision, what are my options.

  • You have the option to downgrade to the lowest plan price which is the Deluxe Plan. If you desire this option, please stop into any of our locations and inform the staff that you wish to downgrade your plan and they will be able to assist.

  • You also have the option to cancel. We hope that this is not the option you choose. However, you have that option click here and it will take you to our cancel form. If after you cancel your plan, you realize that you are continuing to wash and it makes sense to sign back up, we can use the sticker that is in your window.

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